First National Bank
First National Bank Cassville 1956

From The First 150 Years in Cassville by Emory Melton (1995)

The First National Bank commenced business in Cassville on January 1, 1908 and the building it occupied at the northeast comer of the square was deeded to the bank on the same date by its predecessor. The bank was capitalized at $25,000. McGuffin was the first president of the First National Bank. Orr was Vice-President and Charlesworth was Cashier. The Directors chosen were Orr, McGuffin, A.L. Gallaway, P.E. Horine, Mrs. Dora R. Talbert, Thos. Laidlaw, w.w. Hailey, Benton Robbins and W.A. Bashe. The other stockholders included Jno. Baker, J.S. Davis, W.T. Ayers, J.M. Davidson, R.E.L. Bass, C.D. Manley, Tom Yarnall and W.M. Charlesworth. The First National Bank issued its first statement on February 27, 1908, less than two months after it opened. Assets were listed at $74,807.12 and there were deposits of $43,087.21.

First National Bank Monett
Monett First National Bank

From Monett: 100 Years of Memories 1887-1987

Monett First National Bank traces its origin to June 9. 1893. when the Commercial Bank of Monett was chartered by the late P. J. Lehnard formerly of Pierce City and a former wagon manufacturer. A number of Monett businessmen of that time joined with Mr. Lehn.ard in chartering the bank. In 1901 the charter of the bank was changed to a national bank at which time it became the First National Bank of Monett with a charter to run 50 years. Before this 50 years ran out it was revised to a perpetual charter. Following the death of P. J. Lehnard. Sr. the management of the bank was passed on to his sons, Carl W. Lehnard and Willis W. Lehnard, until Jan 1939. At this time management and control of thebank was taken over by W. Vance Davis, with the assistance of Allen McReynolds of Carthage and W. C. Burch of Webb City. The active directors at that time, who continued with the bank, were Alvin H. Cox. Frank Whighman; and C.C. Mills. Directors 1961: W. Vance Davis. president; Milburn Walker. vice president; cashiers. V. B. Hall. Allen McReynolds Jr. and Max Heim.

Barry County Bank 1950
Barry County Bank Cassville 1950

From The First 150 Years in Cassville by Emory Melton (1995)

In an effort to give the county seat the edge on Keetsville, John M. Bayless, one of the prominent early day businessmen, carried on private banking house business in a location now occupied by the south part of the present Commerce Bank of Barry County on the east side of the square. That institution continued until the formation of the Barry County Bank in January of 1887 when the bank opened business in the space formerly occupied by Bayless. On July 5, 1905 the Farmers and Merchants Bank bought the Barry County Bank at the southeast comer of Eighth and Main Streets. Farmers and Merchants Bank name was dropped and the name of the Barry County Bank and its building was retained.Since 1908, the Barry County Bank underwent a name change when it was acquired by the Commerce Bank Holding Company, but has remained in the same quarters enlarging to the south to encompass all of what was the original John M. Bayless Enterprises in the period shortly after the Civil War.

Old Barry County bank
Barry County Bank next to J.M. Bayless and Co. before Cassville fire of 1893
Bank of Exeter 1986
Bank of Exeter 1986

From The First 100 Years in Exeter (1980)

The Bank of Exeter opened for business on January 15, 1903 with $10,000.00 capital. C. N. Ellston was president and W. H. Martin was cashier. The first directors were C. N. Ellston, R. D. Masseyand W. H. Martin. Original stockholders were R. D. Massey, W. T. Farrar, C. N. Ellston, W. R. Sneed, M. S. Coxsey, G. W. Coxsey and W. H. Martin. The bank has changed ownership four times in its history.

John C. Ellston was elected cashier in 1911 and later took over management and ownership of the bank. On March 12, 1966 Haskell and Louise Walker from Bentonville, Arkansas became the new owners. On May 1, 1969 Ben J. Martin, Springfield, Missouri, purchased the bank from the Walkers. Current president Sheldon Dudley started to work at the bank on June 16, 1969 and then bought into the bank December 4, 1970.

In June, 1988, Gary Fields purchased the Bank of Exeter and opened the main branch at the south junction of Highway 37 and 76/86 with the name of the Security Bank of Southwest Missouri.

Monett Bank
Monett State Bank

From Monett: 100 Years of Memories 1887-1987

The Monett State Bank was organized Nov 1903. and the original incorporators were: A. S. Hawkins. S. W. Pierce. O. L. Cravens. Al Hilprit. R. H. Landrum. William A. McCanse. W. H. Turk. J. W. Griggs. J. M. Bayless. C. F. Fullbright. W. M. West. W. A. Watson. Wm. Henry. Edgar Mann. F. P. Sizer. Joe B. Lindsay. George A. McCanse. and A. M. Peel. On Nov. 9, 1928 this bank was absorbed by the Monett State Bank and Trust Company, which in turn was absorbed by Gillioz Bank and Trust Company. In 1936 The Central Bank and the State Bank consolidated and took the name Monett Bank and Trust Company. From the Monett Times column. "Back in The Good Old Days we gleaned this: Officers of the Monett State Bank were elected as follows: F. M. Shriver. president; C. A. Rose. vice president; Clint Marbut. cashier; and Bertha Everetts and Miss Ester Vermillion bookkeepers.

The Gillioz Bank and Trust Company has served the public many years bearing in mind the needs and comforts and convenience of its numerous patrons. A drive-in bank with a parking lot was designed to provide just such on July 1, 1950. Officers in 1960 are: Mr. Gillioz, president; Walter Reynaud. vice president; V. A. Willey, cashier. Other employees are: Mrs. Burrel Roller. Mrs. Carl Eden. Mrs. Alene Morlan and Vernon Bradford.

Jenkins Bank
The Bank of Jenkins
First National Bank Cassville 1963
First National Bank Cassville 1963
The First National Bank left its location on the northwest corner of Eighth and Main Streets in 1963 when it moved to its presentlocation at Junction and Business Route 37 and Highway 248. It too, has undergone successive name changes to its present name of Boatmens National Bank of Cassville.
Seligman Bank
Bank of Seligman 1965

From Clyde Hammers in Seligman the First Century

C. C. Fawver chartered the Bank of Seligman in 1911 and it became such a boon to the community that people wondered how they had done without a bank so long. Walter A. Stapleton became the cashier. He was a young man beginning a career that would conlinue into old age. Stapleton was new to the town, coming from Green Forest, Ark., where he had heen in business briefly. He was born and raised in Barton County Missouri, near Lamar.

In 1910 George Finn became a Seligman banker when he established the Farmers and Merchants Bank. He erected a new building for it, joining his mercantile business on the east (where Union church women conduct sales). Ed Weiford was the first cashier. Later Finn's son-in-law, Vance Willey, and Clarence; Cox served as cashiers, though I don't remember in just what order they came.

The Seligman bank suffered two robberies and one attempted robbery in its history. The first was by Henry Starr, noted outlaw of northeast Oklahoma. Starr came into Seligman and took rooms at the Gladden Hotel, visiting in the town about a week before the robbery. He charmed the hotel propnetor Into endorsing a check for $100 the day before he robbed the bank. He approached the bank teller with his own personal check and the teller turned it down. Mr. Gladden was present and immediately stepped forward and informed the teller that the check was as clean and good as "---- ----- cleaned in the sand." The teller told Mr. Gladden to endorse it and he would cash it. Gladden obliged. It was the next day that Starr and his cohorts robbed the bank of $1,200 at gunpoint. They proceeded on to rob the bank at Harrison, Arkansas and It was there he was shot and killed.