Cassville Mill 1910
Cassville Milling and Power 1910
The Cassville Flouring Mill was operating by 1887. Unlike smaller mils in the county this mill was not content to grind the farmers' grain and supply local market. This mill commanded a wide patronage. The superior quality of its flour output was recognized by buyers and consumers at home in Indian Territory, Arkansas and Texas. The best quality flour was branded, "Patent," second grade "Extra Fancy" and a still cheaper, "Low Grade." This mill was built by John L. Morton, 1887 and passed into a stock company, incorporated Nov. 17, 1890. The mill was enlarged in 1895 which gave it a storage capacity of 10,000 bushels of grain and 250,000 pounds of flour. The mill is in connection with the Electric Light and Power Company, an incorporation with a capital of $20,000.--Early Barry County
Cassville Mill
Cassville Milling and Power
Pioneer Mill
Pioneer Mill
Pioneer Mill, located on Shoal Creek. The mill and darn were constructed by mill right John L. Morton. In 1875 Mr. Morton operated the mill for a time then sold to John B. Hutchens, grandfather of George, Ted and Harry Hutchens, who succeeded their father. J. F. Black, Lottie Hamilton, had an interest in the mill. This mill passed into Hutchens' ownership in 1889. Brands of flour familiar to Barry, Lawrence and Newton counties, as well as many points in Indian Territory were, "Patent," "Bell of Pioneer" and "Choice." --Early Barry County
Marbut Bowers Mill
Marbut Mill
The Marbut Mill was located about three miles northeast of Cassville on Flat Creek. Built in the late 1800s around a smaller log mill on the site, Marbut Mill (aka Bowers Mill) did thriving business for many years. At the right rear is a small building which many remember as a sawmill operated by waterpower.  Shown on the porch of the mill is T.A. Bowers, owner and operator at that time, with his two daughters, Bertha and Magga. His son, Lee Bowers, and Oscar Oakley, the son of the owner of the store, are looking from the second floor window and at left are Herman Lansdown and Oscar Lansdown who have come in the horse and buggy to have some grinding done. The old building was torn down about 1940 or 1941. –Monett Times
Exeter Mill 1895
Exeter Flouring Mill 1895
Exeter Mill has a scattered history. From the Cassville Democrat, 1886, this ad: "The Exeter Mill manufactures the unexcelled, 'Maganoia Patent' and the 'Pride of Exeter' flour, S. C. Frost, manager." Other sources say there was no mill in operation after 1930.--Early Barry County
Most of the information we have on our mills pertains to dates: 1862, John G. Harkin; 1880, J. P . French; 1880 J. F. Hinckley and George W. Purdy; 1885, Exeter Milling Co., President C. W. Chamberlain, Secretary M. T. Abernathy; 1886, George W. Carson; 1892, N. J. Lucky, Jr. Cullup, J.O.F. Beasley; 1892, Allice Erwin; 1894, Dobson Pearson; 1894, R. C. Stone.
RC Stone Mill Exeter
R.C. Stone Milling Co. at Exeter
The R. C. Stone Mill was built by Bill Brasher. It averaged 300 barrels of flour a day with engineer John Bibb keeping the machinery in operation. The men working at the mill were trained in the mill at Republic, Mo. They worked 12 hours a day and were not paid for Sunday work. The elevator capacity was 30,000 bushels. (The above information was provided by Bill Cameron, former mill owner at Exeter.) In 1901 it was known as the R. C. Stone Milling Co.; in 1910 ownership changed to Louis Meyer; 1911, Republic Flour Mills; 1913, C. Becker, H . F. Langerberg  Milling Co.; 1918, Rea Patterson Milling Co.; 1925 Bert Talbert; 1945, W. D. (Bill) Cameron. In 1968 Cameron sold "the mill" and it was organized as the Barry County Farmers Coop. --The First 100 Years in Exeter
Monett Roller Mills 1889
Monett Roller Mills T.L. Storng and Co 1889
Monett Mill history begins with the R. C. Milling Company about where Stocker Butane Gas Company building stands, 1960. Old settlers say the mill was in operation as early as 1890. The mill was destroyed by fire in 1900. --Early Barry County
Patterson Mill Monett
Patterson Milling in background Monett Football game in 1908
Patterson from Springfield built Patterson mill in early 1900, and operated under the management of Wert Patterson and a younger brother. Mr. Patterson left the mill about 1913 or 1914. Information presents many changes as we follow the years to 1960. It seems John Salzer managed the mill until it was sold to Ball and Gunning Milling Company of Webb City. A. C. Squibb and A. A. Britain were in charge of the mill for a number of years. Elmer Vance was in charge until about 1933, when a Carthage Milling Company bought the machinery and moved it to Carthage. V. B. Hall, Monett, bought the grounds and dismantled a part of the building, and afterward leased the remainder of the building to the Katy Down's Feed and Mill Company. Later Harry Surface from Kansas, took over the mill for a while. And lastly the mill shut down for good. Mr. Hall sold the grounds and mill proper y to the .Norris Feed and Mill Company. 1960 this mill is doing a thriving business. Gillioz constructed the concrete part of the building in 1918. Sept. 1955 thirty-nine gristmills were standing in all Missouri, only 14 in operation. --Early Barry County
McDowell Mill
McDowell Mill
Wheaton Mill
Wheaton Milling on Shoal Creek about 1910
Roaring River Mill
Roaring River Mill