Lifetimes of Memories: Voices of Barry County

Volume 10

Narrators Include: Max Fields, Dick Harris, Dr. Eugene Miekley
A native of Barry County, Max, together with his wife, Margie, has perhaps attended more local weddings and family reunions than anyone else in our area. Max shares how his parents settled in Cassville, and the significant role the Fields family has had in preserving history of our community through their photography. Max recalls an era less complicated, where children were allowed to wander and call on their neighbors. Mr. Fields provides accounts of the hometown folks who influenced his life. In addition to photography, Max's community involvement included serving as a teacher, sheriff's deputy, pilot, and Boy Scout leader. Mr. Fields' interviews were conducted in the winter of 2008-2009 .
Max Fields
Mr. Harris' interviews were conducted in the fall of 2008. Readers will be entertained by Dick's colorful way of telling stories about growing up in the Purdy area, and surviving lean times. Dick recalls many prominent characters of the area, including Dr. B.B. Kelley and Frank Reno. Many readers will remember Dick's brother, Dr. Noel Harris. Mr. Harris shares many family stories that have been handed down to him. A hard worker, both in and out of Barry County, many residents will be familiar with this local business and family man.
Dick Harris
Affectionately known as 'Doc" by many area residents, Gene Miekley shares memories of growing up the oldest child on a large family farm.  Gene tells of being raised in a close family with great value placed on hard work. Throughout his youth and young adulthood, Gene applied those principals and his agricultural experiences to complete his goal of becoming a veterinarian.  Doc Miekley recalls starting his practice in a new town; the trials, uncertainties, and the friendships he experienced. While veterinary medicine may have paved the way, Gene's activities within the community have been diverse. As a professional, a family man, and a man of deep faith, Gene conveys his deep feelings for the community he calls home, and the people he calls friend. Dr. Miekley's interviews were conducted in the spring of 2009.
Dr. Eugene Miekley