Lifetimes of Memories: Voices of Barry County

Volume 11

Narrators Include: Vern and Lucy (Baker) Dalton, Lorene (Miller) Meadows, Carl and Christine (Jones) Davidson, and Madge (Holman) Sparkman
Vern Dalton, a successful farmer, shares his childhood memories of Washburn. A veteran of the Korean War, he recalls his military experiences while proudly serving his country. Lucy Baker Dalton shares her memories of frst teaching in a one-room rural school in McDonald County and then teaching at Southwest for 32 years. Married in 1954, the Daltons enjoyed a happy union until Vern passed away on June 4, 2008. The Daltons were interviewed in the summer of 2006.
Vern & Lucy (Baker) Dalton

Interviewed in the summer of 2008, childhood sweethearts, Carl and Christine Davidson, share memories of growing up in the farming community around Wheaton.Carl tells of his lifelong enjoyment of farming and working with horses. Daughter of Joe and Amanda Jones, Christine remembers a simpler time when imagination and hard work would see a person through tough times.Guided by faith, Carl and Christine recall raising a family of fve while always making time to help friends and neighbors.
Carl & Chritine (Jones) Davidson
Lorene Miller Meadows, longtime resident of Leann, shares her memories of growing up in Aurora in the late teens and early 20s. One of the few remaining children of a Civil War Veteran, Lorene tells of her mother's struggle to raise her after the death of her father, James Miller. After marrying Lester Meadows, Lorene moved to Leann where they operated a large farm while raising a family of six children.Lorene refects upon rural living and Ozark values in a constantly changing world. She also shares with us the written memories of her sister, Eva Jane Carr and an essay by her son, Mark Meadows. Lorene's interviews were conducted in the fall of 2007 at her home at Ozarks Methodist Manor in Marionville, Missouri. 
Lorene (Miller) Meadows
A lifelong resident of Barry County, Madge Holman was born in Mano, Missouri, and lived in the Cassville area allof her life. Madge tells of her father's work as sheriff and ofher mother's hard work raising 11 children. Mrs. Sparkman hails from a family with a passion for teaching. She shares accounts of her years educating children at several area schools, and the deep love she had for her students. From rural schools to consolidated schools, Madge infuenced many young lives.  Mrs. Sparkman candidly recalls her courtship and marriage to Earl Sparkman, their lives together raising their three children, and how they enjoyed retirement traveling. Mrs. Sparkman's interviews were conducted in February and March, 2006. Madge Della Sparkman passed away January 19, 2010,at the age of 95.
Earl and Madge (Holman) Sparkman