Lifetimes of Memories: Voices of Barry County

Volume 12

Narrators Include: Carrol and Doris (Moore) Hayes, David Looper, and Fred Preston
Interviewed in the fall of 2007, Carrol and Doris Hayes relate to us their memories of growing up in Barry County during the Depression and World War II. Carrol shares with us his time as a firefighter in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he served 32 years, retiring as Captain in 1990. Daughter of Clarence and Mable (Thomas) Moore, Doris left Barry County to live in Wichita after graduating from Cassville High School and enjoyed several occupations before returning to Butterfield in 1974. After the death of their spouses, former classmates Carrol and Doris became reacquainted, married, and returned to Barry County where they are enjoying retirement and volunteer service.
Carrol and Doris Hayes
A veteran of World War II, David Looper spent more than 30 months in combat for the protection of his country. Mr. Looper shares with us his participation in the South Pacific military campaigns for New Georgia, New Guinea, and Luzon. After returning home and marrying his sweetheart, Lalah, David settled down to the quiet life. David recounts his experiences farming and working on the construction of Table Rock Dam before moving to Kansas City to work for Sears Roebuck. David returned to Barry County after retiring in 1979. Mr. Looper's interviews were conducted in the fall of 2008.
David Looper
Fred Preston comes from a family long associated with the Roaring River and Seligman communities. Fred remembers his childhood in Seligman and the many activities once common there. Mr. Preston also shares with us his experiences in military service and working for Bill Hailey. Mr. Preston was interviewed in the fall of 2007. Fred's father, W.W. Preston, wrote many interesting articles pertaining to family history and related his experiences of that time, some of which are include here.
Fred Preston