Lifetimes of Memories: Voices of Barry County

Volume 15

Narrators Include: Wayne Farwell, JD Fletcher, and George Wilson
wayne farwell Born as the second child to Ola and Bertha Shaffer Farwell, Wayne shares stories of the Civil War as well as his family homesteading in the area. The Farwell family is a longtime Barry County family as evidenced by having a location named "Farwell Bend" near Eagle Rock. Readers will recognize many familiar Barry County names as they read Mr. Farwell's detailed memories of life during the Depression and World War II. His interviews were conducted in the winter of 2008-2009.
Wayne Farwell
Fletcher Local fishing legend JD Fletcher grew up west of Washburn along the banks of Greasy Creek where his love of fishing began. Mr. Fletcher also recounts experiences of growing up in a rural farming community and the many interesting characters who lived there. Discover how the Devil's Dive Resort came into existence and stories of the many celebrities that visited and fished there. Anyone who likes to fish will love the "fish stories" that are conveyed as only JD can. Enjoy the account of his very busy and productive life as a fishing guide as well as tales of those who helped him along the way. His interviews were conducted in the summer of 2010.
JD Fletcher
George Wilson Mr. Wilson's story is rich with family tales that have been passed down through the generations. His maternal grandparents moved here in a covered wagon and operated a store near Clio. George tells of his family's service in the Civil War and World War I together with his military service in the 1960s. Read along as he relives life during the hard years and his family's survival. Even with life's hardships, the family made time for special occasions and holidays resulting in many pleasant memories. His interviews were conducted in early 2008.
George Wilson