Lifetimes of Memories

Volume 2

Narrators Include: Buck & Peggy (Carey) Calton, Nelle (Stanton) Campbell, Aubry McNabb,  Raymond Phariss, and Lloyd Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Calton were interviewed in the summer of 2005.Buck relates family stories of the Calton Mill, growing up in McDowell, and his WW II service. Peggy tells of the move from Nebraska to Missouri during the depression, working in a tomato factory and farm life.
Buck & Peggy (Carey) Calton
Nelle's interviews were conducted in July of 2005. Mrs. Campbell, a long time area teacher tells of her experience as a rural school teacher and life on a large farm in Camden County Missouri. Nelle also relates her experiences during WWII and her family's military service.
Nelle (Stanton) Campbell
Aubry's interviews were conducted in the fall of 2005. 'Orb' as he was fondly known by friends, was the son of a well known minister, Norman McNabb. Read as he tells of coon hunting adventures, happenings in and around Washburn and a happy family life. Aubry passed away in 2006.
Aubry McNabb
The Phariss' were interviewed in the fall of 2006. Mr. Phariss was 102 at the time. He tells his memories of the Spanish Flu epidemic, farming with horse and his part in the rural electrification project. Lois, his loyal wife, worked with and supported her husband in every endeavor including a successful dairy farm.
Raymond Phariss
Lloyd a long time county resident is well known for his music and time spent working in area grocery markets. Enjoy his stories of travel in a wagon, picking cotton, and working for the WPA. The interviews were held in the summer of 2005.
Lloyd Reed