Lifetimes of Memories: Voices of Barry County

Volume 5

Narrators Include: Hansford Ash, Mary (Tucker) Higgs, and Emory Melton
Hansford's vivid recollections, both in the Mt. Sinai Community and Cassville, will transport readers to a simpler time in Barry County. Mr. Ash was employed by a variety of the county's landmark businesses including the C&E Railroad, Crystal Caverns and Pet Milk plant. Countless longtime residents will recall Hansford's smiling face at many Cassville grocery markets. Mr. Ash's interviews were conducted in the spring and summer of 2007.
Hansford Ash
Mrs. Higgs celebrated her 99th year during her interviews conducted in the fall of 2007. Journey down memory lane with Mary as she reminisces about life in the early 1900's, tomato canning factories and picking strawberries. Mary shares stories of The Great Depression and how people endured. The wife of Jess Higgs, highly respected Baptist minister, Mary tells of the many churches and people they served. Mrs. Higgs remains active at this time with church and a large and happy family.
Mary Higgs
Senator Emory Melton has long been considered the premier historian of Barry County. He shares personal memories of attending a one-room school, obtaining a college education and law degree during difficult times, and interesting events in local and state politics. Emory conveys accounts and anecdotes of many people, places and events that have special significance to Cassville. From early days at the courthouse to the dedication address for the Judicial Center, Senator Melton has been a key participant and historian, always willing to share his vast knowledge with anyone with a desire to learn more about Cassville, Barry County and Missouri.
Emory Melton

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