Lifetimes of Memories: Voices of Barry County

Volume 6

Narrators Include: Jewell (Nickle) Davis, Joseph Owen England, Freddie (Akin) Hemphill, and Juanita (Dodson) Louise Neill
Jewell Nickle Davis was on only child of Walter and Cordelia Nickle, store owners in the Purdy and Butterfield areas. Jewell recalls life and tales of the ol' time country stores. Mrs. Davis was also a teacher in Purdy. Jewell later married Ralph Davis, and together they owner the Farmer's Flour and Feed Company in Purdy. Jewell recalls life during World War II and it's affects on those in her community. Mrs. Davis' interviews, conducted in the fall of 2007, were filled with joyful memories of raising her children and life here in Barry County.
Jewell (Nickle) Davis
Joe England was raised in the Shell Knob area and informs readers of the considerable changes and growth that have taken place during his lifetime. Mr. England recalls the hardships and poverty of the Depression, and how the family survived. Joe tells of making sorghum, pumpkin butter, quilts, and one of his great passions—music. Joe has shares his joy of music with his family, and they have spent many hours together singing and playing instruments. Mr. England's interviews were conducted in the fall of 2007, during his 92nd year.
Joseph Owen England
Mrs. Hemphill's interviews were conducted in the fall of 2006. Freddie, one of ten children, shares memories of a close knit family. Freddie also tells of her father, who was instrumental in establishing canning factories in the area. Mrs. Hemphill is the widow of long-time Barry County Sheriff, Bill Hemphill, and in her story she recalls her memories of being a sheriff's wife and their life together. In addition, she shares memories that were written by Bill.
Freddie (Akin) Hemphill
Juanita Dodson Neill was 96 years old when she was interviewed during 2007. As well as being rich with family history, Mrs. Neill's story is consistently insightful and amusing as she recalls tales of daily life, from typical pre-Depression existence through acquiring modern utilities and improvements. Juanita attended grade school at Cedar Bluff and two Jobe high schools. Serving along side her husband on the farm and raising a family, Mrs. Neill tells of a life filled with hard work, love and joy.
Juanita (Dodson) Louise Neill