Lifetimes of Memories: Voices of Barry County

Volume 8

Narrators Include: Jewell (Hutchens) Farwell, Nettie (Pozniak) Feeney, Mildred Hendrix, Lola (Smith) Isley,  Bob & Mamie (McCormick) Lane, and Edna (Smalley) Painter.
Jewell Hutchens Farwell shares her memories of growing up in a large family. In addition to family stories passed down through generations, Mrs. Farwell tells of her family's love for music, of concerts in Cassville and of playing a player piano. Jewell's family also owned and operated the Bill Hutchens' Store, which was located on what is now Highway 37. Mrs. Farwell, a retired teacher, shares memories of the schools and students that enriched her life. As a long-time resident of Eagle Rock, she recalls life before the lake went in. Always civic minded, Mrs. Farwell remains active in several clubs and organizations as well as politics. Jewell's interviews were conducted in the fall of 2007.
Jewell (Hutchens) Farwell
Nettie Pozniak Feeney was 100 years old at the time of her interviews in 2007. Nettie, a daughter of Polish immigrants, tells of her family's struggles to journey to America. Mrs. Feeney informs us of farm life and the hard work required each day to manage. Nettie recalls making feather beds, gardening, canning food and making good use of what was readily available. Through her narrative Nettie conveys the changes she experienced in her long, full life.
Nettie (Pozniak) Feeney
Mildred Henry Hendrix is a life-long resident of Barry County. Mildred tells of the Washburn and Big Springs communities she grew up in; when they were larger, busier and had more commerce. Mrs. Hendrix shares her thoughts of being part of a close-knit family and the work required of them all. Parents of ten children, Mildred and her husband farmed through the hard times of the Depression with their children beside them. Mrs. Hendrix's interviews were conducted in the spring of 2006.
Mildred Hendrix
Mrs. Lola Isley's interviews were held in 2007. Lola relates her memories of growing up in the Lohmer Tower area. She recalls growing strawberries, making sorghum, and her father's working at a steam powered sawmill. Through her narrative Lola's determination and hard work are portrayed as she dealt with life on a farm and raising a family. Mrs. Isley's commitment to her church and her faith are clearly illustrated in her story.
Lola (Smith) Isley
Bob Lane grew up as an only child in a family dairy business. Bob shares his stories of the dairy and the milk route they ran. Mr. Lane tells of his business ventures, which include partnership in a bowling alley, building a subdivision and financial investing. Mamie McCormick tells of growing up on the family farm in the Pleasant Dale Community. One of six children, she recalls her father's work for the railroad and her mother's mild-mannered care for her family.  Bob and Mamie share a long history with the Monett area. Together they enlighten readers of many changes they have seen in the community that they obviously care for and are proud of. Bob and Mamie were interviewed in the fall of 2007.
Bob & Mamie (McCormick) Lane
Edna Smalley Beeson Painter shares stories of a pleasant childhood that began southeast of Cassville. She remembers her parents' store – The Smalley Store – and the community it served. From farm chores to using her exceptional typing skills in many local offices, Edna stayed busy while raising a family at the same time. Never one to remain idle, Mrs. Painter continues her work while enjoying her children and grandchildren. Mrs. Painter's interviews were conducted in 2007.
Edna (Smalley) Painter